Running update postscript

Having mentioned target-setting in my last post, we actually travelled 5km this morning! It took us a shade under 33 minutes, of which we ran for 27.5 (should have been 27 but someone miscounted. Ahem.).

I found it a lot harder than the last time we ran this pattern, and spent quite a lot of it thinking grumpy thoughts, particularly as Tom wasn’t struggling nearly as much as I was! However, achieving 5km at this stage is hugely encouraging, and today’s performance gives us a nice marker against which to measure improvement as we progress.

I’m also very pleased with my Nike gadget, it gives me interesting data and pretty graphs to look at 🙂

graph of our 1st 5km walk/run

Nb. the dips are where we were walking. The 2nd is more pronounced (a.) because I was knackered and (b.) because we were arguing about what time we needed to start again (Tom miscounted that one!).

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