Mad dogs and Englishmen…

As I think I’ve mentioned already, Manhattan in the summer becomes a pretty outdoorsy kind of place. Open-air cultural events abound, pavement cafes are packed out, and it becomes well-nigh impossible to get into any bar with a roof terrace. That said, this last week or so has seen temperatures soar into the 90s (90F is around 32C), which seems to be encouraging many to retreat indoors once again (provided there’s air conditioning, naturally).
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June in photos

I really can’t believe it’s July already, wherever does the time go?! Other than Tom’s birthday nothing especially exciting has happened to us lately, and I find that the higher temperatures & humidity (ugh) make everything a little more challenging, so rather than exerting myself to write about anything in detail I thought I’d just share a few photos…

snoozing sea otter

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