This weekend brought some lovely spring-like weather to Manhattan, so of course we decided that the best thing to do would be to visit yet another museum. The Museum of Art and Design occupies a quirky building on Columbus Circle, and Tom has been keen to visit for ages.

Museum of Art and Design NYC

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The Nicholas Roerich Museum

I’ve been meaning to write about the Roerich Museum for ages – we visited it back in December, and it is really quite delightful. I’ve never seen it mentioned in any guidebooks or listings, which is rather a shame because it’s well worth a visit, especially if you happen to be in the Upper West Side anyway. (It was recommended to us by some friends and we combined it with a walk across Central Park.)

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Drawing which makes itself

One of the many benefits of working at the Morgan is that our Volunteer Director organises regular opportunities for us to visit other cultural institutions and exhibitions around the city. The latest of these was a private tour of Dorothea Rockburne’s show at MoMA, Drawing which makes itself, just before it closed last week. I’m always keen to participate in this sort of thing, but this tour was particularly special as it was conducted by the artist herself. Continue reading


Having seen Niagara Falls a few months ago, the Grand Canyon was next on our list of must-see American icons. We initially thought we might drive there from Las Vegas, but when we found out just how far it is (a little under 300 miles each way) a bus trip began to sound more appealing.
Grand Canyon

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Central Park in winter – another view

Rummaging through photographs from the last couple of months, I came across a few taken as we walked across Central Park one sunny afternoon. I have nothing whatsoever of interest to say about them, but thought I might post them anyway, if only as a counterbalance to all the snowy park pictures I’ve been sharing lately.

Central Park bicycles

I have no idea where the cyclists were…

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