The Armory Show at 100

Our visit to this year’s Armory Show reminded me that I never got around to blogging about an exhibition at the New-York Historical Society which I visited back on October 24th last year. Entitled The Armory Show at 100, the exhibition brought together a selection of artworks from the original Armory show.

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Museum of the City of New York

Idly paging through some online reviews a couple of weeks ago, my attention was captured by a rather lovely-sounding Gilded Age exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York. A little investigation revealed that they were showing a number of other interesting exhibits too, so we persuaded our latest houseguests to join us in a visit.

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Getting our art on at the Armory

Last Saturday, March 8th, found us putting on our artiest outfits and heading over to the West side for this year’s Armory Show. A friend had been kind enough to pass on her tickets (VIP pass no less!) as she was unable to make it, so we really had no idea what to expect, but were determined to look the part and make the most of this unexpected treat. Continue reading