Skiing Jay Peak

“Oh it’s beautiful up there”, said everyone we told about our planned ski trip to Jay Peak in northern Vermont. Some people even commented that it was quite a long way away, although nobody we know on this side of the Atlantic was at all surprised that we were driving up (a not inconsiderable 400 miles or so). The one thing, however, which I don’t recall anyone mentioning, is how abso-perishing-lutely freezing we should expect it to be.

view behind Jay Peak

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Christmas 2014

December seems to have lasted an awfully long time this year. I’m not sure whether that’s because we’ve been more or less busy than usual – I’m actually inclined to suspect the latter, but nevertheless we seem to have maintained an action-packed schedule.

Christmas morning

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A nice day out in New Haven

What do you do on a gloomy late-November Monday? A day trip to Connecticut is probably not top of everyone’s list, but we had some Amtrak vouchers to use up and I hadn’t been to that state before, so we settled on New Haven as our destination of choice.


Had we thought about it for longer, we may have realised that we hadn’t necessarily picked the ideal day to visit a university city with a selection of excellent museums, as Monday is typically a closed day in the museum industry, but as often happens logic failed to prevail in time. That said, I had made sure that the Beinecke Library would be open to visitors, so at least we had one place to go. Continue reading

Meandering and munching – a weekend in Montreal

I am quite sure that the weather is a significant consideration when most people begin searching for potential destinations for a weekend away. However, for those of us for whom even today’s weather poses a challenge, that sort of forward planning is a step too far, and so it came to pass that Tom and I found ourselves landing in Montreal in subzero temperatures (thankfully C, not F).

cosy on Mont Royal

Fortunately, several years of ski holidays have supplied us with a plethora of gloves, hats, thermal baselayers etc., and we were further warmed by remembering all the money we had saved by not choosing to go somewhere sunny.

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