Four Corners roadtrip – day 6

The sixth day of our trip began with an epic breakfast in the Strater’s beautiful mahogany dining room, then it was back on the road for a long day of driving.

on a road to snow-where

Snowy mountain views and very little traffic made for a perfectly pleasant morning, improved only by a brief stop at the town of Pagosa Springs for coffee and cake.

mountain views, Colorado

Crossing the border into New Mexico, the mountains gradually became less pine-clad-and-snowy and more red-and-rocky, and it was quite a shock to find ourselves in traffic as we left the high sierra on the approach to Santa Fe.

somewhere near Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Our second stop for the day was in Los Alamos, up on the mesa top some thirty miles away from Santa Fe. The Bradbury Science Museum provided an informative account of the site’s history, the Manhattan Project, and the types of science that are currently being carried out there.

Replica of Little Boy, with Fat Man behind. Having visited Hiroshima I was quite startled to see how small the bomb actually was.

Then it was back in the car and off down the steeply-winding hillside towards our final destination, the delightful Guadalupe Inn in Santa Fe.

Our room at the Guadelupe

Having not eaten a great deal since breakfast we were starving, so walked the short distance into the historic town centre in search of a restaurant. Of course the place we had in mind was full, and we eventually found ourselves in line at The Shed. Once furnished with a margarita, the prospect of a 45 minute wait to get a table didn’t seem at all bad, and the food was well worth waiting for.

dinner at the Shed

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