The Philharmonic in the park with a rain shower

Every summer, the New York Philharmonic performs a series of concerts in parks around the city, taking in all five boroughs. In previous years, my plans to attend have been thwarted by scheduling conflicts and a rain storm, so this year I was even more determined to be among the audience in Central Park.

arty shot of my ticket and programme
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An afternoon in Boston

On the Friday before last, I caught¬†the Greyhound up to Boston. For some reason, I still have an overly romanticised notion of taking long-distance buses in America (although at a mere 4 hours 20 minutes, the NY to Boston trip doesn’t really qualify as long), which distracts me from the fact that in reality I don’t actually like travelling by bus for more than about 30 minutes at a time.¬†All this notwithstanding, on this occasion it was the cheapest and most convenient option, and the journey passed without incident. Continue reading

May miscellany

May seems to have been and gone in a flash, hurried along by us spending its first two weeks in England. So far, June has felt more wintry than summery (Jun-uary, as one friend described it earlier), and it seems amazing that last week was a full 20F warmer. I’m sure this cold snap won’t last long, and soon we’ll be complaining about the humidity once again, but meanwhile it’s nice to look back on warmer weeks.

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