Downeast roadtrip day 10 – home

We are more-or-less reconciled to the fact that we always take much longer than the suggested time to drive between places, pretty much regardless of which roads we select or how fast I take it. However, taking 7 hours to complete a 3.5 hour trip is quite the record, even for us.

Well, quite...

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Downeast roadtrip day 8 – Mount Washington

Following a 6am alarm and a hearty breakfast of oatmeal, we pulled into the carpark at Pinkham Notch at 8am and were on the mountain by 8:15. It was a sunny day, already quite warm amongst the trees, and there were a surprising number of other people around as we set off along the Tuckerman Ravine trail.

beginning the hike up Mt Washington

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Downeast roadtrip day 6 – Acadia too

More rain was forecast so we had a leisurely start, but in fact it was merely overcast as we hopped on the bus again and set out to climb Pemetic Mountain. We started by Bubble Pond, and headed up the steep trail through the wood. In comparison to the packed carpark, the woods were empty and we had the trail to ourselves for much of the morning.

Acadia: Tom in the woods

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Downeast roadtrip day 5 – Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is a wild and beautiful section of Mount Desert island. It has been part of the federal park service since 1916, and an officially-designated national park since 1919. It contains many unspoiled natural features – granite peaks, dramatic cliffs, lakes and woodland – as well as a network of hiking trails, carriage paths, and mountain roads to enable holidaymakers to enjoy the scenery.

hiking into Acadia

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Downeast roadtrip day 4 – Portland to Bar Harbor

Today started with possibly the best breakfast ever – coffee and cinnamon rolls (which I could actually eat!) at the wonderful Bam Bam bakery. They were so good we bought more for the following day, as well as some bread and other treats too!

amazing cinnamon roll at Bam Bam, Portland ME

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Downeast roadtrip day 3 – Portland

Portland Maine is a lovely city, and we really enjoyed our day there. In a departure from the norm, we spent most of it not doing very much at all – wandering in and out of cute and quirky shops, sampling some of the many gluten free and dairy free treats available (I would get so fat if we lived here!), and generally having a relaxing time. Continue reading

Downeast roadtrip day 1 – Newport

Collecting our rental car and driving it home to fill up with luggage was in many ways a brilliant idea, but it did mean we ended up taking a lot of stuff with us. Fortunately the car had a large boot (or trunk, as I should say!), and it didn’t take long to pack everything in and get on the road. Continue reading