Okemo again

I know I’m waaaaay behind in writing up my notes from our trip to India, but I just wanted to post quickly about this season’s ski trip.

Last year Tom organised a ski weekend for his choir at Okemo mountain in Vermont. This proved so successful that the same hostel was reserved for this year almost as soon as we all returned to New York. By the time we left the city last Friday the size of the group had swelled beyond the hostel’s accommodation to a range of neighbouring hotels and B&Bs as well, and there was much excited messaging and selfie-posting as we all drove northwards.

Conditions on the mountain were not quite as fantastic as last year, but the snow was mostly decent, with a few icy patches here and there. I very much enjoyed being on my new skis for the first time, and happily spent the whole of Saturday on the slopes with various members of our group.

Back in Ludlow, we all gathered at the excellent bar across the street from the hostel to sample their extensive (and delicious) cocktail menu, before heading back over to the hostel for dinner. Like last year, they closed the restaurant from 7pm so we could take it over. And, also like last year, dinner was followed by more drinks and the traditional sing-along.

Just a handful of us had decided to ski on the Sunday as well, which was a shame as it was a gloriously sunny (though cold) day, and we had a lovely half day on some of our favourite slopes before it was time to head for home.

Last year I neglected to note down the name of the very nice diner we ate dinner at on the way up to Vermont, but fortunately we managed to find it again, and actually ended up stopping there in both directions this time. It was the Starway Restaurant in Saugerties, and we highly recommend it!

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