That thing in the desert

Probably the most common question I get asked about Burning Man (other than why on earth did you want to go there) is what did you actually do? It turns out it’s remarkably easy to pass the time, and the week flew by.

I switched off my phone and left it in my tent;

I cycled around looking at, and sometimes climbing on, works of art, at pretty much all hours of the day and night;

I napped in hammocks and on sofas;

I drank coffee at midnight and espresso martinis at 11am;

I hung out in a bar which felt exactly like the Mos Eiseley cantina;

I surveyed the scene from the top of an actual 747 aircraft;

I was overwhelmed by the ever-changing constellations of light and sound;

I stood in the dark and looked at the stars;

I stayed up all night to see the sunrise;

I watched things burn;

I sat in the shade and had long conversations with interesting people;

I watched all kinds of people in all kinds of outfits doing all kinds of things (and sometimes nothing at all);

I washed dishes, and picked up litter;

I watched performances of contemporary dance and fire spinning;

I heard orchestral music and a really good band;

I got tired and dusty, but (remarkably) not sunburned;

I resisted the temptation to schedule anything, and found a profound sense of peace;

I loved every minute of it.

I took almost no photos, but if you want to see a sample of the weird and wonderful sights I’d recommend taking a look at this album:

Until the next time…

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