Welcome to the Renaissance

So begins the opening number of the new musical Something Rotten, and what a welcome it is. For the first time ever, we found ourselves in the audience of a show just after its Broadway opening, which felt rather special. Something Rotten has been in previews for some time and a number of our friends have seen it and raved about it, so when my cousin mentioned getting tickets for something when she was in town we knew exactly what to suggest.

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Colonial Williamsburg

After a lengthy debate about whether it would be worth paying for admission tickets, or if we should simply wander around the historic area, Tom won and we handed over the money. (This often happens when we’re travelling, and in fairness it’s almost always worth it – I should try to remember that next time…!)

Governor's Palace, back door

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What to do with a weekend…

Let’s go away for a weekend, we said. Somewhere warm and relaxing, so South, maybe even Mexico or the Caribbean. Cue several days of trawling TripAdvisor, trying to find somewhere cheap, convenient, and with at least a couple of interesting sites to visit. Just as we were on the point of giving up and staying home, a friend suggested Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, which turned out to be exactly what we were looking for.bridge over the Potomac
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